Friday, May 6, 2011

Carcinoid Tumor Removed via Surgery

It's taking time for all this cancer-stuff to soak in. Even though I was diagnosed with carcinoid cancer in early January, recent events still feel like a bad dream. Sigh ... with that said, my research on carcinoid continues. Some discoveries are exciting while others are not likable at all. For instance, I'm not happy about there being no cure; nor am I happy with the expected life span of between eight and fifteen years. That's not enough time for me to accomplish certain goals. (Sound familiar to you, too?)

Bob and I had a good meeting with my surgeon today. He answered all our questions to our satisfaction even though some discussions didn't tell what us what we wanted to hear. Mainly that there really is no cure for carcinoid. Nope. No such luck.CRAP

My surgeon is super, though. He takes the time to talk with us about anything we bring up. Bob and I came away with a new understanding of carcinoid cancer and how we'll be dealing with it. And he reinforced my oncologist's mode of treatment, too. That's always a good thing when doctors agree on YOUR treatment.

Right now we're doing nothing with medication or surgery. But we will continue monitoring my liver with CAT or MRI scans. The carcinoid spread to my liver and caused several spots to show up on a previous MRI. Unfortunately, none of the spots could be removed during my previous surgery. CRAP

I return to both doctors in July following additional tests. So far, we've established a baseline of my health from earlier tests. The July tests will be measured against the original tests to see what's happening with my liver. The differences between the two tests will help us determine our next course of action.

Since carcinoid is soooooooooo slow growing, we'll probably do nothing but watch it for a long time. (That's my hope.) However, since each carcinoid and person are vastly different, we'll respond as needed to keep me healthy and honory.

In a way I'm OK with this modality but in another way, I'd like to pursue a more aggressive treatment for the spots in my liver seeing as my liver's health is my challenge now. Taking the watch and see road is so passive. But then again, passive can be a good thing. Although it doesn't help release my anger and frustration for all this cancer-stuff.

More later ...

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