Friday, May 6, 2011

I've been researching a variety of cancer related foods

So far most of the foods that have been recommended are foods that I like: fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish and lean meat. However, I have found conflicting information on wine. One source says to stay away from any and all alcoholic beverages. Whereas my doctor and Dr. Oz say that one glass of red wine a day is a good thing. I'll let you know.

Before going into the hospital I'd have way more than two glasses a night. I'm glad that cycle was broken. I don't miss the wine but occasionally a glass might be good. Protecting my liver seems to be a more prudent choice. Hummm ... I haven't decided what to do yet.

Not drinking coffee wasn't my idea. After being in the hospital for seven days and not having access to coffee, I found that I didn't like the taste any more. Actually, I don't want a hot drink in the mornings. Two large pint glasses of juice tastes wonderful. Any kind of juice will do but my favorite is V8 with about 8 gluggs of Worcestershire sauce in it. Yummmmm ... . It's my version of a Bloody Mary. That's been the hubster's favorite drink for years. Now he can't leave his cup anywhere or it'll turn up empty.

We have prioritized our garden. I started one last year but it got too hot before I could finish it so it just sat there accumulating more and more weeds. I'm definitely a fair weather gardener. It's a 25 foot square garden with four 4x8 raised beds. I think. The weeds have taken over so I'm guessing.

Don and I put a mesh fence around it a couple of days ago so we can put several goats in the garden. They'll have the weeds out of there in one or two days. AND, they'll fertilize it while they're in there. They're my little edgers and lawn mowers.

Be on the lookout for pictures of this. It'll be a site to see. More later ... I'm finally getting sleepy so it's back to bed for me.

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