Friday, May 6, 2011

I'll be taking a medical break from March 7th to March 30th

I'll be taking a few weeks off from making soaps and lotions to recover from a bit of surgery. A while back we found a tumor that was growing where it shouldn't be. So we're going in to in and get it out. So there ... .

My team of folks are confident that everything will be fine. Good grief, after all the tests I've taken, there is absolutely no secret of what's inside my body. The surgeon knows exactly where he needs to go and precisely what he needs to do. Piece of cake.

Our son Don is visiting with us so he'll be taking care of the critters and the ranch, and Bob's mother Essie will take care of him. So now I can relax knowing my loves are in capable hands. I can rest and recuperate without a concern. Whew!

I'll be happy to respond to your comments upon my return to the office.

If you are inquiring about purchasing goats, please call 704-699-3531.

I'd appreciate your prayers.
Pat Allen.

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