Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The Universe has an incredible way of communicating. All we have to do is listen. But listening to the Universe can be tricky. The one way I've noticed that it talks to me is when things keep coming up. For instance, the value of meditation keeps repeating itself. Every where I look, I see some message about meditation.

I get it. I get it.

Meditation is an important part of life. It used to be a part of my life but I seem to get busy and forget or simply don't take the time to slow down and meditate or reflect of the journey of the day.

Life has a way of telling you what is more important then other things. Life is telling me that meditation and growing within is important enough for me to take notice and focus inwardly.

As I learn more about it and identify resources, I'll post them here.

Deepak Chopra has several books, CDs, and learning aids about meditation. Here is one of his websites:

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