Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Started treatment with Octreotide

My first visit to the 'back room' of the cancer center was somewhat comforting. It was a large room with a centralized nursing station surrounded by large over-stuffed comfy-looking chairs. Each chair was encircled with a privacy curtain and plenty of magazines. Now I know where the good magazines are located.

My nurse made me feel comfortable by explaining everything I needed to know about the octreotide and what would be happening within the next few days. For the first three days I'll get less than a milliliter of medicine just to make sure I have no allergies or obnoxious side effects. Then on the fourth day I'll receive the 30-day version. Baby steps are always a good thing.

Well, so far so good. The shot is oil-based and requires a larger needle than I'd hoped but since I use a larger one for some of the medicines I give my goats I can't complain too much.

Moving on. I felt a bit swimmy-headed walking to my car. Not wanting to drive away from the clinic too soon, I sat there for a few minutes. I was OK in a couple of minutes. 

The really good news is that I can already tell a difference; I've only had one bowel movement since I've been home and it was decent. Before the octreotide I'd have movements of mostly diarrhea about over two hours.

Hummmm, maybe this shot will work after all. I've had diarrhea since 1998 when my gall bladder was removed. Relief, at last.

I go for tiny shot number two tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes.

Keep smiling

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